Position: SEO Lead

Level: Lead

Department: SEO

Reporting Process Direct Manager: COO/CEO

Job Overview:

Responsible for managing the team, project development, maintaining and updating the latest knowledge about SEO, using appropriate methods and tools, and enhancing SEO productivity.

Main Responsibilities:

• Manage and train staff.

• Develop SEO strategies for the company’s websites.

• Plan and create website content according to SEO standards in coordination with Content teams.

• Conduct keyword research and create a list of keywords related to the website;

• Plan to create Backlinks;

• Research website requirements for page optimization;

• Monitor website Traffic, Backlinks, and keyword rankings;

• Update, detect, and handle any changes and errors that may occur during the SEO process;

• Research, test, and develop safe and reasonable SEO methods.

• Weekly reporting on work, keyword rankings, and website Traffic;

• Continuously update the most advanced knowledge about SEO and use tools to increase SEO productivity.


• At least 5 years of experience in the SEO field

• Teamwork, good organizational skills, and attention to detail

• Creative and self-motivated


• Work 9 hours a day (60-minute lunch break)

• 7 days off per month

• KPI bonus up to $15,000/Top Key

• Food allowance: $600/month

• Airfare allowance of $300 per quarter

• Annual travel budget: $600/person •

• Apartment: one person per room

• Salary: Negotiable, with no limit salary matching your ability

• Large holiday bonus up to $700.

• Attractive Lunar New Year bonus and 13th-month salary

• Company provides work equipment: iPhone 14 Pro, Macbook

• Personal phone upgrade to iPhone 14 Promax after probation • Dividend bonus – (For employees working for 6 months or more, or 1 year depending on performance)


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